Compressland is the first authorized
Frascold service center in Poland.
We do quick, low-cost repairs
to semi-hermetic compressors.
Compressland:Professional Repair & Rebuilding of Refrigeration Compressors Since 2000

certyfikat certyfikat certyfikat Since its founding in 2000, Compressland has specialized in the professional repair and rebuilding of refrigeration compressors produced by the largest manufacturers. Based on our knowledge and experience, we can offer you quality services in the field of refrigeration.

Our mission is to show you alternative solutions to refrigeration and air conditioning.

We offer full rebuilding of semi-hermetic piston compressors produced by manufacturers such as:

For your convenience, we have a steady supply of spare parts and accessories for equipment produced by these manufacturers.
It’s your choice-at Compressland, you can purchase a new compressor or have the old one rebuilt!

The Rebuilding Process